The sixth generation of the Pichler family from brick factory Wels, leads the thriving enterprise group klimabloc. This tradition grants the mission to develop future oriented advanced system solutions through competence and foresight, through the production of energy saving brick systems to patented adhesive systems. klimabloc is more than a brick.

The website of klimabloc brick factory is only available
in German and Russian language.

With our unique prefabricated brick wall system redbloc, a building shell can be constructed within one day. Through industrial prefabrication, more construction sites can be operated efficiently. redbloc prefabricated brick wall plants are situated in Austria, Italy, Slovakia and the Netherlands. redbloc – welcome to the future of the brick.

The website of redbloc is only available in German language.

Redblocsystems offers worldwide licences and turn-key plants for production of wall elements made of building blocks like ceramic bricks, aerated concrete, silica blocks etc.). Nowadays this technology is successfully used by licensees in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Italy.

Redbloc is an innovative technology for production of wall elements made of building blocks like ceramic bricks, aerated concrete, silica blocks etc. Nowadays redbloc plants are successfully operated by licensees in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Italy.


Prefabricated masonry panel system with polyurethane adhesive

A special report about prefabricated masonry panels, two-component polyurethane

redbloc GERMANY - Plattling

At the moment a fully automated redbloc prefabrication plant is build om Plattli

Ziegelwerk Pichler receives an award as traditional firm

The chamber of commerce in Wels honored Ziegelwerk Pichler as traditional firm.

When it comes to trust, greatness is a measurement.


Building a house is an investment for life. Thus, not only the sustainability of the investment, but also the volume and complexity is meant. Being that the masonry work constitutes a significant proportion of investment into the new house, it is worthwhile to seek a trusted partner.

Why is greatness a measurement when it comes to trust? It’s simple: greatness is the result of growth. Growth includes experience and quality. Without these two guarantees of success no enterprise can develop. 
 Klimabloc is distinguished as a result of quality and experience . We at klimabloc interpret growth in two ways: On the one side our enterprise grows internationally. Having factories in many countries makes klimabloc a significant supplier on the European Market. On the other side our innovation power has granted our company with growth. New products and trend-setting pioneering systems around the brick industry capture the market more and more from Wels. Regardless of whether development and production from energy-efficient bricks, the patented gluing system DRY FIX extra, the unique prefabricated brick wall system Redbloc, planning or building brick plants or plants for the production of prefabricated brick walls worldwide.

klimabloc is your competent partner when it comes to bricks.